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NLP for Sales, Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Mar 17th-19th 2018 | Las Vegas

i Imagine what will happen when YOU create an INSTANT irresistible bond with a prospect every time, such that they WANT to become your customer over and over again...
For the first time ever, the power of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) has been combined with real life tactical applications into Sales, Marketing and Entrepreneurship in the same event!

Apr 15th-Apr 17th | Las Vegas

Learn the secrets to turn your passions into massive cash from ABC's Secret Millionaire James Malinchak and Misaic Founders - Keith Aichele and Rachel Surges. They will teach you the business of speaking so you can sell your products or service to groups, or get paid to speak on your expertise. You'll see why this was called by hundreds of top entrepreneurs "The Best Speaking Training in the Industry".

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